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Special Education Tutoring Designed

For The IndividualNOT The Masses

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Homework Help

Connecting your child with a Special Education Expert who will help your child with their homework in the way they understand best.

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Enhanced Learning Program

A Special Educator working one-on-one to help your child catch back up to their grade level academically.

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Homeschool Tutoring Program

A Special Educator works parallel with a homeschooling parent Also, helping parents choose curriculum and undersand individual learning style of their child.

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One-On-One Tutoring With A Special Education Expert!

Our tutoring programs are designed specifically for the individual learning needs of your child;

Fun, Virtual Environment

A Fun And Interactive Virtual Learning Environment
Each Session Is The Perfect Blend Of Motivational Fun And Heavy Learning

Expert Guidance For Parents

Access To A Non-Biased Special Education Expert To Help Guide You, The Parent
Have Questions About An Upcoming IEP Meeting? Behavior Issues Continuing At Home? Your Special Education Expert Can Offer Solutions!

One-On-One Teaching

One-On-One Teaching From A Special Education Expert
All Of Our Special Education Experts Have A Degree In Special Education, And Most Also Have A Masters Degree!

Customized Style Of Teaching

A Style Of Teaching That Is NOT Viewed As An Extension Of School
The Amazing Results We Gain From Online Tutoring Can Partially Be Attributed To Children Viewing This Type Of Learning As Different From School. Often Times The Children We Work With Want Less School… Not More!

The Latest In Technology

The Extensive Use Of Technology Which Children Today LOVE
Each Session Is Conducted Online Utilizing An Interactive Video Conference Style Program. These Programs All Include Online Writing Tools, Video Capability, And Session Recording Option.

Customized Learning Experience

Our Own Custom Tailored Curriculum OR The Curriculum Your Child Is Learning In School
We Have A Few Different Types Of Programs Including Homework Help, Enhanced Learning And Our Homeschool Program.

No Cost Consultation

We Work With An Extremely Wide Range Of Students!

A Solution For 4-Year-Old Children To 65-Year-Old Adults And Everything In Between

Since Starting, We Have Had The Honor Of Working With An Incredibly Wide Range Of Children And Adults. Aside From Foreign Language, We Are Able To Help With Almost Everything… Just Ask!

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The Results?

  • HUGE Boost Of Self-Confidence
    Not Understanding Coursework In School And Thus Drastically Falling Behind Can Truly Be Frustrating, Stressful, And Down Right Debilitating To A Child. Often This Leads To Massive Blows To A Child’s Self-Confidence.Grasping Concepts And Excelling Beyond Current Grade Level Can Do Wonders Toward Building Confidence And A VERY Bright Future.
  • Decrease In Behavior Issues
    Behavior Issues Are Often The Side Effect Of Poor Academic Performance. Acting Out In An Effort To Gain Attention Is Common. When Grades Improve, Naturally A Lot Of Behaviors Decrease!
  • Winning Mentality
    There Is No Better Feeling Than Winning! Self-Confidence Increases And Most Aspects Of Everyday Life Improve Dramatically!
  • Increased Grades
    This One Is Obvious… Once Your Child Understands The Material, They Are Going To Do Better On Tests, Homework, Etc. Grades Go UP!!

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However, In Most Cases, Taking This Small Action Will Begin Laying The Groundwork For The Path To Your Child’s Ultimate Success!

Show Up For Your Consultation Call Appointment (AKA Answer Your Phone)

A Special Education Expert Alone Can Only Do So Much To Help Your Child. However, With All Of Us Working Together (Special Education Expert, Your Child, You (The Parent)) ANYTHING And EVERYTHING Become Possible.

Be Present, Be On-Time, And Watch The Magic Unfold

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We Do Offer A Special Introductory Offer To Help Ensure Online Tutoring Is The Best Option For Your Child.

For Less Than The Average American Spends On A Single Coffee Trip, You Can Literally Start Changing Your Child’s Life!


Decide If Online Tutoring Is Going To Be The Best Option For Your Child. Working Together With Your Special Education Expert, Come Up With A Plan That Will Ensure Your Child’s Goals Are Met In A Predetermined Timeframe.

That’s It… We Take The Complexity Out Of The Equation And Deliver Results!

It’s Time To Get Off The Fence And Take The First Step! Click The Button And Begin Your Child’s Path To Excellence Today!

Think Differently About Education.

We Believe…

All children are born with the innate ability to reach their OWN excellence.

That a growing group of children don’t fully prosper in overpopulated classrooms.

Through technology and one on one learning, their future path to success can be made clear again.