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7 Strategies to Combat
Academic Burnout in Children


  • Academic burnout can happen to any child, from the most self-directed and engaged, to the discouraged and unmotivated child.

  • With large class sizes, fastpaced teaching, and high expectations in the academic setting, it can cause children to experience academic burnout.

  • As parents, there are some things that you can do to help keep your child from experiencing the feeling of being over-whelmed and over-worked at school.

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"So impressed with the dedication and patience given to my special needs child! The tutor is always trying new and innovative ways to teach him difficult concepts. And to top it off, my son thinks it all a game and looks forward to his tutoring sessions. Thank you specialedresource!"

~ Mona F.

"... Most importantly I am thrilled with the progress my son has made in just a few short months, it has exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend"

~ Maria H.

"Special Ed is extraordinary! Suzie matched my 12-year old with a wonderful tutor. She was able to create a close connection with him within a very short time, seems to completely understand his emotional ups and downs, and has a mixture of patience and discipline that gets him to do on a consistent basis the thing he likes to do least: reading."

~ Eva S.

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